Measuring, Managing and Monetizing

With content consumption fragmenting across multiple consumer devices, it is essential that TV operators accurately measure and analyse this viewing. Our TV analytics platform collects full census data from multiple devices, helping you to better understand your customer, drive business innovations and monetize.


AdScribe Audience

Delivering actionable insights from first-party data

Platform Agnostic

Works with any connected platform

Multi Device

Set Top Box, tablet, mobile or OTT device

Highly Scalable

Designed for millions of devices


Bring your own data or use our client

Typical Audience Use Cases

Total Video Measurement

Capture census viewing data irrespective of device, providing a holistic view of content and advertising consumption

Advanced Advertising

Implement advanced advertising based on ability to reach specific audiences segments derived from first party data

Content Acquisition

Reference historical consumption to increase negotiation leverage and more efficiently acquire content

Viewer Segmentation

Create custom segments of your viewers based on criteria such as viewing behaviour, subscription, device, location or demographic

Audience Prediction

Use machine learning to predict future audiences based on past behaviours, content schedules and competing programs

Product Development

Capture user interactions to provide insight into how they are using your product. Use these insights to improve the viewer experience

AdScribe Engage

Interactive Advertising Made Easy

Targeted marketing

Reach your customers with personalised promotional campaigns throughout your service, regardless of screen. Engage them through flexible ad units to;

  • Advertise and upsell packages or products
  • Drive traffic to VOD content or apps
  • Inform about services updates or messages

Realise new revenue opportunities

Leverage your reach and highly engaged viewers to implement a third-party advertising business that unlocks new revenue opportunities.
Extend broadcast ads by linking to advertiser apps or utilise in-UI ad formats to create compelling advertising experiences.

  • Collect direct responses from viewers for lead generation, fulfilment and more
  • Extend linear spot with exclusive videos
  • Product galleries, store locators, polls and sweepstakes

Broadcast partner promotions

Improve viewer discovery experience and create a new revenue stream by offering broadcast partners the ability to promote content directly in the TV UI

  • Ad formats targeted to specific shows or channels
  • Click to record or set a reminder for a show
  • Link to longer form content or dedicated content sites and apps

The Engage Platform

Ad Creation

Easily create banners and platform agnostic interactive apps with a browser based WYSIWYG authoring tool. Create once deploy to many

Reporting & Analytics

Live metrics dashboard keeps track on campaigns while detailed reports give in-depth analysis of performance and delivery against KPI’s

Campaign Management

Manage and target multiple ad formats under a common campaign. The highly scalable ad server delivers the correct format to the right person in realtime


Coupled with a single source code application our runtime engines allow execution of apps on multiple platforms including HbbTV, HTML5 and Lua